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HTML5 gaming has increased dramatically in recent years to the point that nowadays it is head-to-head with the dominant forms of mobile gaming, like Appstore or Googleplay apps.

Moreover to play HTML5 game users can skip a lot of the burdensomeness, like going through a payment process, spending money and downloading/installing an app that will take disk-space on their device.

A new option to acquire gaming for use in websites is HTML5 gaming content. HTML5  completely runs on the web browser, so the user does not have to do payments or lengthy downloads, rather they can play almost immediately any game they want.

Worthy of mentioning is the fact that many of the gaming classics like Flappy Bird, Swing Copters, Mahjong, Rules, Follow The Line, Timberman and many others already have an HTML5 version with equal amount of success.

In the Softgames Publisher Portal potential buyers can find an up-to-date version of the complete  catalogue of Softgames in order to add free HTML5 games to their respective websites, also with highlights of the newest, most popular and top games among many other highlights. All games are ready on display for acquisition with an easy contact to the Softgames Team in order to choose the games you want to use on your website.

The advantages of adding free HTML5 games to your site is that this business model enjoys the increasing availability of HTML5 games, as more famous games get their HTML5 counter-part a bigger part of the public is now willing to make the change to HTML5 in order to enjoy their favorite titles faster and for free.

Capitalization of HTML5 games via advertisements is the main way to make money from putting an HTML5  game(integration of an HTML5 game is relatively simple) on your website and both the game and the advertisement you may have blend seamlessly.


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About Us

SOFTGAMES is a leading developer of the most popular Instant Games. Our flagship titles Cookie Crush, Solitaire Story and Candy Match are being played by tens of millions of users every month.

Our mission is to enable everybody to instantly play great casual games with their friends across any device.

Further our line of products includes over 400 hyper casual games within our innovative HTML5 games platform which allows our partners to engage and retain their user base. Founded in 2006 we are operating out of Berlin, Germany and Toronto, Canada.