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Our Main Devices

In this article we give a list of  the main devices and operative system combinations our users have. The status of our games is judged mainly through their performance in the devices/os of this list, if you have any of the devices/os combinations mentioned below it would be nice to check your app there before […]


General Issues: Game Display Sizing

One of the most recurrent issue found in HTML5 for mobile is the handling of the canvas size and the re-sizing of the game. In this article we provide some of the main guidelines that Softgames likes to have in their titles: Make sure your game handles rotation properly. If the game is planned for […]


JS API Documentation

Very important for your games to be of the best possible quality and to avoid most mistakes is that you read our js api documentation in github. The 2 main links you should read and follow are:                           You should download our Then read the github […]


General Issues: Samsung S2 / Android 4.2.2

The Samsung S2 is a popular device among our users. Even though is a very consize and powerful smartphone it doesn’t come without its set of weaknesses. Points to take into account: Double tap zoom-in: this feature interrupts most of our games. Please make sure you try to block this double tap zoom-in feature when making the game. Actions […]