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Are you looking for worldwide distribution of your free to play or freemium game? Concentrate on doing what you can do best – create great games and keep the rest of work to us. We will provide you the tools and services to put your game in front of millions of players. Our powerful game distribution service makes monetization and distribution like a piece of cake.

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  • We are very happy to work with SOFTGAMES. Great support, great revenues, great partnership!

    Alexandr Porubov CEO, Porubov
  • SOFTGAMES demand for high quality games allowed us to scale our business. We are very happy with our long term cooperation!

    Fei Li CEO, Dragon 8
  • SOFTGAMES is one of our main partners. Their QA is always up to date which helps us to improve our HTML5 technology…

    Yuri Dobronravin CEO, Logicking
  • We are working with SOFTGAMES to develop bigger and better cross-platform games that we can then spread to millions…

    Michael Hudson CEO, Code Heads

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Minimal efforts and maximum documentation

Our game engine specific API´s guarantee a painless integration for any developer or game engine. If there are any question our dedicated Support team will assist you!

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Enjoy our detailed reporting dashboard and see how your games perform or review your existing submissions for proposed updates.

Over 10 years of mobile experience

Therefore we can truly provide our developers with high level QA support, localization, legal support and device expertise.

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Who are across every continent, giving your games a chance to reach the widest audience possible and to make an impact.

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That’s why we offer different options from instant sponsorship cash to long term revenue shares for your HTML5 games.

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SOFTGAMES offers you different sponsorship options from instant cash to long-term revenue shares for your HTML5 games. We can help you to monetize and distribute your games by providing an access to the widest audience!

Therefore, you can get all the necessary tools and services that would help your free to play or freemium games to succeed and to have a truly global reach.
We provide our developers with high level QA support, localization, legal support and device expertise. You would be able to track the performance of your game through a detailed reporting dashboard at any time!

If there are any question our dedicated Support team will assist you!
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  • My game is not ready yet – can I still show it to SOFTGAMES?

    Of course! We are happy to help you during the development process and to support you, if you like. Our game designers can surely give you a few hints to make sure your game will perform the best.

  • What should I do before I submit a game to SOFTGAMES? Are there any requirements?

    Unfortunately we cannot accept all HTML5 games we receive. Our goal is to provide our users a native-like gaming experience. Therefore we purely focus on games which:

    • offers the player a deep ingame experience and creates a reason to return to our portals for multiple or long one time gaming sessions
    • works perfectly centered on different browsers of Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Desktop operating systems
    • has optimized controls for touch and non touch devices
    • works in fullscreen (no URL bar visible) and automatically scales to any high/low resolutions (no black borders visible )
    • handles device rotation automatically (showing “please rotate screen” information)
    • has a loading bar and very optimized loading times
    • allows to turn off/on (if any) sound
    • has the text separated from images (check out Google Web Fonts!)
    • has the text loaded from an external file to make localization easy
  • What are some good HTML5 examples SOFTGAMES is looking for?

    In general quality and innovation is key to us – try to create some unique game mechanics and avoid a clone of another clone. (e.g. Flappy Bird)

    Here are some great examples:

  • My HTML5 game was not accepted by SOFTGAMES – what now?

    Don’t worry – our content team can work together with you to increase the quality of your games. We can e.g. take care of graphics, localization, game suggestions and device QA. Talk to us and we will help you to make your games better!

    Also make sure to read our blog to increase the quality of your games: