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Using correct scaling settings for Construct2 games

Hi there, today I want to talk about one of the biggest issue with HTML5 games, specially with Constuct2 games: The right scaling. Here are two examples on how we want the game to behave: As you can see, the two examples are in the correct ratio and they are always centered! No stretching, no over […]


Alexander Krug: Reshaping the way people connect to mobile games

Alexander Krug provided an overview of how HTML5 is working right now. “If you look to the numbers, you can understand that flash gaming is not the future anymore,” he says. “Everybody who is doing flash games should switch to HTML5 probably, or also to a mobile site.”   [youtube]uSobaW5wai4[/youtube]


How to: Fill the whole Screen but keep the aspect ratio

If there is a circle in your game, it would be great if it is a circle regardless of the device your game is playing on. Okay, let me explain it by an example. Your game canvas is 480×800 pixel. Now there are three different approaches to handle this canvas. FIX – this is the […]


How to: Reduce loading time of HTML5 games

To solve the issue of game loading time there are a couple of points to take into account: 1- Try to reduce the total number of requests the game makes. The less number of requests the faster the game will load. A good number of requests to have is 70. So the index.html, all the […]