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Some more tips for HTML5 games

Here are some more tips to make your game a wonderful experience for the users: Desktop: Always check your game on desktop after finishing it.  Make sure that the “desktop” display of the game is centered, if game is portrait. Don’t let your game display be to the left or to the right, a well centered […]


Debugging JS

To solve the issue of debugging on mobile phones whose OS have limited capability to throw JS console output, and also for a very easy way to check if your app is working correctly, is to add the following line within the <body> of your index.html file: <script src=””></script>   This will produce a console output […]


Our Main Devices

In this article we give a list of  the main devices and operative system combinations our users have. The status of our games is judged mainly through their performance in the devices/os of this list, if you have any of the devices/os combinations mentioned below it would be nice to check your app there before […]


General Issues: Game Display Sizing

One of the most recurrent issue found in HTML5 for mobile is the handling of the canvas size and the re-sizing of the game. In this article we provide some of the main guidelines that Softgames likes to have in their titles: Make sure your game handles rotation properly. If the game is planned for […]