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July 2014 – Casual Connect USA

SOFTGAMES – the world’s largest HTML5 games platform – is sponsoring Casual Connect USA this year! If you are around, feel free to step by at our booth or check out our hosted panel.


Casual Connect Asia

CEO Alexander Krug spoke at Casual Connect Asia, where he provided an overview of how HTML5 is working right now. “If you look at the numbers, you can understand that flash gaming is not the future anymore,” he says. “Everybody who is doing flash games should switch to HTML5 probably, or also to a turn […]


Why Success Is About More Than Just The Game

On the Casual Connect Europe in February 2014 Softgames CEO Alexander Krug makes an appearance to discuss certain aspects of the video gaming industry, with an emphasis on developing games that are  achieving great gameplay, ease of use, and social buzz. [youtube]ETypIy7Gvss[/youtube]