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JS API Documentation

Very important for your games to be of the best possible quality and to avoid most mistakes is that you read our js api documentation in github. The 2 main links you should read and follow are:                           You should download our Then read the github […]


General Issues: Samsung S2 / Android 4.2.2

The Samsung S2 is a popular device among our users. Even though is a very consize and powerful smartphone it doesn’t come without its set of weaknesses. Points to take into account: Double tap zoom-in: this feature interrupts most of our games. Please make sure you try to block this double tap zoom-in feature when making the game. Actions […]


HowTo: Build successful HTML5 games and earn money together with SOFTGAMES.

We at Softgames love HTML5 games and have learned a lot while licensing over 250 HTML5 games in the past 2 years. Today we would like to share some of our past experiences to make developing games easier for you! Game texts: Do not put game-texts on images, within your game-code or your css/html code. The […]


Switching from native to HTML5 games

In this article we will discuss whether it is the right time for you to switch from developing native games to HTML5 or if you should wait with your move. Are you ready to push your alleged one-million-dollar app to the AppStore(s)? With thousands of new apps released every day there is little chance that […]