• The world’s largest HTML5 games platform.

    Our vision is to reshape the way how millions of people discover, play and share mobile games across multiple platforms – anywhere at any time around the globe. Like nobody else we purely focus on HTML5 games and are growing at sky rocketing rates every month.

Who we are

SOFTGAMES is operating the world’s largest HTML5 games platform with more than 500+

games optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop. We reach millions of users every month across 6 continents. We help game developers to secure, monetize and distribute their HTML5 games globally at scale through own portals and an extensive partner network.

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With us, any portal owner, carrier or app developer can easily and effectively engage and monetize their user base with free HTML5 games – either as stand alone, game feed or full white label version. We work with thousands of partners including leading multi-national companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Mozilla.

You want to add 500+ free HTML5 games to your site or app? You don’t have a mobile optimized site yet? Let us help you to generate constant growing advertising and gaming revenue streams. Get in touch with us and learn how SOFTGAMES can help you!


  • Christian Rudnick - CTO of SOFTGAMES. HTML5 Games platform.
  • Alexander Krug

    Founder & CEO

    Previously working at Yahoo!, Alexander is a serial games industry entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in making big things happen.

    Alexander possesses excellent corporate strategy skills and is a person of proven ability to act as results-oriented leader who collaboratively develops innovative solutions, spearheads change, and engages the team in creating successful outcomes. Furthermore Alexander is a well known ambassador and pioneer of HTML5 gaming through worldwide articles and speaking events such as Casual Connect, Pocket Gamer Connects, White Nights, Devgamm, Gamescom and many more.

  • Andre Krug

    Co Founder & COO

    During his carreer at SOFTGAMES Andre has managed the release of more than 250+ mobile and branded web commercial games winning several industry awards and claiming various top charts. Being in charge of all user engagement activities, Andre oversees with his teams all tasks around user KPI´s, developer relations, brand marketing and content licensing.

    As an executive business veteran with a strong B2B focus Andre has grown SOFTGAMES worldwide extensive developer network, a role perfect for him given his previous business development experience at Mindmatics in Austria. Besides his media management bachelor title Andre holds a master degree in Marketing & Sales.

  • Bartosz Wrobel

    VP of Engineering

    A true veteran on designing and scaling backend services, large-scale server infrastructure and cross platform games. Bartosz has spent the last 13 years in developing real time and asynchronous systems that serve tens of millions of users requests at various companies. Bartosz studied computer engineering and management at the well known Szczecin University of Technology from which he graduated with honours. Bartosz has a knack for programming and obsession with gaming.

  • Christian Rudnick


    Before joining SOFTGAMES, Christian gathered over 12 years of experience in high scalability cross platform development, cluster computing and analytic software set up´s.

    Previously, Christian worked at social network PinStyle as their CTO introducing high level analytics and cross platform communications. Prior to this he was the technical product management director of iconmobile technologies and in charge of mobile platform development.

    At SOFTGAMES Christian as the CTO is responsible for SOFTGAMES overall technology decisions, as well as engineering, operations and information technology. His passion and enthusiasm for clean, agile engineering drives the technology culture throughout our Platform.

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Reason to Join Us

We’re entertaining 30+ million people around the world every month through a growing catalog of 350+ unique casual HTML5 games optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktop – across all web and mobile platforms.

You want to add free HTML5 games to your site or app?
You don’t have a mobile optimized site yet?

Let us help you to generate constant growing mobile advertising and aming revenue streams. Get in touch with us and learn how SOFTGAMES can help you!
Select up to 350+ HTML5 games, add them to your website or app and start making money today!

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