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Start adding Html5 games to your site!

HTML5 gaming has increased dramatically in recent years to the point that nowadays it is head-to-head with the dominant forms of mobile gaming, like Appstore or Googleplay apps. Moreover to play HTML5 game users can skip a lot of the burdensomeness, like going through a payment process, spending money and downloading/installing an app that will take […]


Audio API & sound interface of your HTML5 game.

When adding sound to your game please use this tips to avoid some issue of HTML5. Due to the large amount of versions of OS’s and browsers that support HTML5 not all of them support audio. In many cases a developer makes  a great sounding game but does not check if sound is available in […]


Start adding HTML5 games to your site!

Upgrade your own portal with adding high quality, free, cross-platform gaming content which can be played on smartphone, tablet and desktop! Read the blog post or visit our Portal at