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Why Success Is About More Than Just The Game

On the Casual Connect Europe in February 2014 Softgames CEO Alexander Krug makes an appearance to discuss certain aspects of the video gaming industry, with an emphasis on developing games that are  achieving great gameplay, ease of use, and social buzz. [youtube]ETypIy7Gvss[/youtube]


Our Main Devices

In this article we give a list of  the main devices and operative system combinations our users have. The status of our games is judged mainly through their performance in the devices/os of this list, if you have any of the devices/os combinations mentioned below it would be nice to check your app there before […]


General Issues: Game Display Sizing

One of the most recurrent issue found in HTML5 for mobile is the handling of the canvas size and the re-sizing of the game. In this article we provide some of the main guidelines that Softgames likes to have in their titles: Make sure your game handles rotation properly. If the game is planned for […]


JS API Documentation

Very important for your games to be of the best possible quality and to avoid most mistakes is that you read our js api documentation in github. The 2 main links you should read and follow are:                           You should download our Then read the github […]